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"The first thing that will strike you about the club members is their passion for
their tortoises. When we decided to foster a tortoise we made contact with the
Norfolk Tortoise Club. The first thing they did was made sure we were suitable for
our tortoise and that the tortoise we would be fostering was suitable for us. The
communication that we had between us and the Norfolk Tortoise Club was great,
very informative and above all supportive. They did a home visit to make sure our
garden was safe and offered really good advice and made some fantastic suggestions
on making sure the new addition would be happy.

It's been a few months now and we're still in contact with the club, we know above
all that they're on the other end of an email or telephone if we need assistance with
anything. I really can't recommend and thank the Norfolk Tortoise Club enough."
Andrew, Thorpe St Andrew

“In May 2011 I read an article on The Tortoise Club in the EDP concerning Tuly, a
rescued tortoise and decided to contact them to see if I could re home a tortoise.
After sending some information and photos the club told me that they probably had
a tortoise that would be suitable for me to rehome. They came to visit me and gave
me much advice regarding a warm indoor space for bad weather and secure area
the tortoise could live in and my husband set to work and secured part of the garden
and modified the old tortoise house. I then visited Charles who I understand when
rescued had pneumonia and is over 60 years old.

Charles soon made himself at home, he spends most of his day roaming the garden
eating the many weeds and plants that I have in his area, he doesn’t seem too happy
having baths but is very friendly and loves having his chin rubbed. I currently have
fun trying to remove the windfall greengages before he gets to them, the few he has
succeeded to get I know about because he leaves the stone behind. Many thanks to
the Norfolk Tortoise club for letting me rescue Charles who like me is an OAP but I am
sure we will have many happy years together.
Jan Corbitt, Thetford.

"The Norfolk Tortoise Club has recently helped me through one of the most difficult
times of my life during which time the welfare and future of tortoises kept for almost
forty years by my now late husband was an overwhelming worry. Long, helpful
telephone calls full of advice and support and the eventual collection of the tortoises
by kind members of the club who made me realise I was not a failure. I am now
reassured that my dear husbands tortoises can have a safe and happy future. I can
not thank the club enough."
Barbara, North Yorkshire

Just wanted to say a big thank you for letting us know about the tortoise check up
day at Terrington Vet Practice. It was great event, we learned loads, that Spencer
was a girl and is now officially called lady Diana Spencer and that hermione is a
Jo, Kings Lynn

"My parents and I visited the tortoise club after browsing through the website and
deciding it was the best place for him. When we actually visited and saw the indoor
and outdoor homes for other tortoises, we were very impressed with the level of care
and expertise the tortoises are treated with. We have absolutely no doubts that our
tortoise will recieve the best life that he deserves and we are certain that he will be
happy and well looked after."
Haija, London

“Just a quick follow up email to say a very big thank you for taking in Gerry. It was
lovely to meet you yesterday and we could see immediately that he will be in safe
and caring hands. I hope he is behaving himself so far. Thank you also for your
hospitality – you have an amazing place! “
Phil, Cambridge

A very big thank-you to Norfolk Tortoise club. When I was faced with the very difficult decision of rehoming my tortoises who I had owned for 36 years. I spent along time looking for a suitable home ( almost two years) due to emigrating , I came across The Norfolk Tortoise Club. I was very impressed with all the information on the website. I contacted the club they were so friendly and helpful. I also went along to Love pets show in Peterborough where I got to meet members of the club. The first thing that struck me was their kindness, knowledge and dedication towards tortoises. Giving up my tortoises was heartbreaking, I miss them very much but I know that they will be well looked after and very happy in their new home. Avery big thank you to Donna for showing me all your wonderful tortoises who all looked very happy in your garden, what a amazing place you have and many thanks for the updates it really helped.I would highly recommend the Norfolk tortoise club whether its for rehoming a tortoise or some advice for a pet tortoise What a wonderful job you do , truly 5 stars. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart. Yvonne Leicester

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