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The club was originally founded in June 2002 by Mr. Leonard Coe, a life-long keeper of tortoises.

Len had a particular interest in Mediterranean tortoises, especially Testudo ibera, the Turkish spur thighed tortoise, and Testudo hermanni boettgeri, the eastern hermanns tortoise. Both species he maintained well, and bred from for many years until he passed away.

During his years keeping tortoises Len met and helped many people provide the best possible care for their charges. He was very concerned at the poor information regularly encountered by tortoise pet owners, and came to the conclusion that a club which regularly met and shared information would be an ideal way to standardise information and promoting pet tortoise welfare to its members.

After months of planning the first meeting was arranged. Initially the first meeting had only five members all of whom kept quite large collections of animals.

Today Norfolk Tortoise Club has grown into a large regional club with many active members and over 3000 Facebook followers from across East Anglia.The club had, and still has, a friendly and open atmosphere with an ever expanding following. Our events and volunteering opportunities are enjoyed by tortoise enthusiasts of all experience levels and they are a great way to share tortoise knowledge.

Current members keep amongst them many species of tortoises including mediterraneans, giant sulcatas, red footed, leopards, hingebacks, burmese browns and more besides.

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